The Rev. Irina Dubinski

Spiritual Direction and Companionship

I am a priest in the Anglican tradition who welcomes your inter-denominational and interfaith perspectives, as long as we share the values of deep listening, holy silence, awareness of the Transcendent, and respect for every human as created by God in the Divine Image. Please contact me by email to arrange for your first session:

Format: in person (office and outdoor walks) in Toronto, and virtual over the platform of choice

Rates: $80/hour (individual), or $50/hour (two or more participants)

Sessions tailored to the unique individual or group needs:

- Open-ended practice of spiritual guidance, companionship, and discernment

- Instruction on various types of prayer

- Guided meditation sessions and Lectio Divina (meditation on scripture)

- Exercises from the Ignatian (Jesuit) tradition

- Prayer through art

- Spiritual direction for theological students, postulants, and new clergy

Special rate 6-week packages: $400

1. “Retreat in Everyday Life”: an adaptation to the home environment of the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius (traditionally accomplished over a 30-day period of silence and solitude). Ideal for individuals whose family and work responsibilities preclude taking the time off and traveling away for a retreat; may be used as a general boost to personal spiritual practice, or in preparation for a liturgical event or Christian feast

2. Advent and Lent: prepare to celebrate Christmas and Easter, the most important feasts in the Christian year, over the seasons traditionally set aside for this purpose

3. “Drawing to God”: a course introducing visual art as a vehicle for prayer and meditation (no previous art instruction necessary)

4. “Learn to Pray”: a course introducing the core types of Christian prayer and ways to incorporate them into daily life, growing a strong practice of personal prayer and spirituality